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“With the right conditions you allow a potential that was already dormant inside to be released. I believe this is the true way to view artificial intelligence. In that true artificial intelligence will not be ‘artificial’. But will be something truly alive. And that discovering artificial intelligence will also lead us to discovering what life truly is. ” – Roshawn Terrell

Roshawn Terrell (@roshawnterrell) is an artificial intelligence researcher, information theorist, and cognitive scientist who studies the fundamental nature of intelligence in the universe. He has authored multiple theories and ideas on the brain, including – A New Theory Behind How and Why Neurons Work and Fundamental Nature of Intelligence in The Universe of which he presented as a lecturer at Oxford.

Roshawn has been involved with numerous ventures in the development of AI, including Finalspark, EthicsNet, as well as Vectorspace AI in collaboration with CERN. Roshawn hosts a blog on his website that captures many of his current works and ideas in the areas of artificial intelligence, how the brain works, intelligence in the universe. 

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