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Welcome to the website of Tesher Cohen, home of the “All Things Interesting Podcast”. Every week, I will be providing thoughts of the week that will range across a variety of topics. Whether they be things I found interesting that week, reviews, or retrospectives on life. These blurbs will not replace the blogs, but will supplement them in their own right by providing concise and interesting information. On the topic of the blog posts, these will entail contributions by myself, guests of the show, and others who wish to share things they find interesting or meaningful.

As you can tell so far, the goal of the website is to act as a voicing platform for anything and everything. It is built upon my passion to learn and to share information about unique individuals, including their stories and meaning behind them. As “All Things Interesting” continues to grow, it is my goal to provide the audience a wealth of entertainment, covering broad and niche topics alike.

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