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An advanced image editor that works straight from your web browser and is free to use? Look out Photoshop, because there is a new sheriff in town. I recently had the chance to talk with the founder of, Ivan Kutskir on the All Things Interesting Podcast. On the episode, he shared more about Photopea and what makes it special. Initially built as a small project, has grown to become a full-fledged Photoshop alternative with over 3 million monthly users.

Advanced and Free

photopea vectorize image

For those who are used to using Photoshop, the platform shares all too familiar user interface. This would be a welcomed functionality for anyone that wants to quickly edit an image without having to relearn the tools. Unlike native software installed onto a desktop, Photopea is built directly into the browser. The features don’t stop there though. There is also native support for most file extensions, including .PSD files. Such functionality is a first of its kind and users will be able to mange and edit their images wherever they are.

Since seeing a rapid increase in popularity, Ivan Kutskir has taken on the project full time. Feature requests are constantly provided by the community and development continues on. Although not as feature rich as Photoshop, the platform supports its own set of unique features. Combined with many of the standard image editing features, Photopea should be enough to tackle most projects. What’s more is that it is free, with an option to remove Ads for $9.00/mo which goes directly to supporting the development.

A Great Option

If you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop or a platform to compliment it on the go, Photopea is a fantastic option. Not only is it supported on most machines and browsers, but it is also fully accessible on a mobile device if you are in a bind. All in all, I would highly recommend everyone give Check out my interview with him in which we talk all things photo editing, development and what’s next for!

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