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The Taylor Stitch Democratic Chino
Tesher Cohen
December 4, 2023

Taylor Stitch


Today, we review the Taylor Stitch Democratic Chino. Based out of San Francisco’s Mission District, Taylor stitch has been around for a better part of a decade. Relatively small up until recently, the brand has gained prominence through its focus on delivering quality apparel with the least amount of environmental impact. At its very core, Taylor Stitch considers themselves to be a shirting company, having since branched through applying the same technical DNA to every single product made. Their brand’s motto says it best, “Responsibly Built for the Long Haul”.

Responsibly built for the long haul.
Photograph by Taylor Stitch via

First Impressions:

Despite the brand being known for their shirting, my first purchase from the company was their Democratic fit Chinos (straight fit). What stands out most about the pants, is the simplicity in design and construction. On the outside, there aren’t any fancy frills. What you will find, is a map of San Francisco printed on the inside pockets which adds an interesting contrast if you need to find your way around San Francisco. Soft and well structured would be the best way to describe these. They are on the more casual side and a better paired with a t-shirt or un-tucked button down shirt.

“From the brass buttons to the custom YKK/Brass zipper and hardware, it’s clear that the team at TS didn’t cut corners”


It’s clear that the team at Taylor Stitch dedicated a great deal of time in putting together a pair of chino’s worth selling. From the brass buttons to the custom YKK/Brass zipper and hardware, it’s clear that the team at TS didn’t cut corners. The material its self isn’t necessarily thick, and seems more suited for spring and summertime wear as opposed to winter. That said, the construction looks clean and sturdy enough to withstand whatever you throw at it. In terms of the overall quality, the two pairs I ordered showed no sign of fraying or loose threads which lends to the quality control.

Taylor stitch Democratic Chinos San Francisco Map
Photograph by Taylor Stitch via


Coming from someone who wears J. Crew, Bonobo’s, and Jomer’s, the fit of the democratic chino’s are in line with the  J. Crew 770 broken and the 770’s stretch chinos in terms of fabric and stretch to a lesser degree. The fit its self is very comfortable and although considered a straight fit, has a mild taper that similar to most modern fits. One thing that should be noted is that the standard inseam is 36”. Depending on your height and if you prefer to roll up your pants, this may be a non-issue. If you happen to live near a TS store, they will happily hem them for free and offer store credit if you provide a receipt from a local tailor.

Below, I provided a table illustrating the comparison between the Democratic Chinos and the J.Crew 770’s as a guide.

Waist label Waist Front Rise Upper Thigh Knee Leg opening Inseam
TS Slim 33 34.5 10.375 25 16.25 14.25 36
34 35.75 10.25 25.5 16.5 14.5 36
35 36.75 10.875 26 16.75 14.75 36
TS Democratic 33 34.75 10.75 25.5 17.75 15.75 36
34 35.75 11 26 18 16 36
35 36.75 11.25 26.5 18.25 16.25 36
J. Crew 770 Broken In 33 33.75 9.5 26.37 17.62 30 30
34 36.75 9.75 27 18 15 30


The Taylor Stitch Democratic chinos are a very well rounded pair of pants. Between the workmanship, minimalist design, and interesting details, I would consider them to be worth the purchase. I have only had them for a couple of weeks now, and the softness of the material in conjunction with the slight stretch makes them comfortable to wear throughout the day. As someone who prefers simplicity when it comes to apparel, I’d line these a step up from J.Crew in terms of quality. If you are in the market for a pair of quality chino’s that get the job done, the Taylor Stitch Democratic chino’s are worth the purchase. I’d call these pants, “The Reliable s”.

Interested in purchasing a pair from Taylor Stitch? Use the referral link below to get 20% off your first purchase!

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*Pro Tip: The chino’s come in a 36″ inseam which the team will happily hem for free if you are near one of their brick and mortar stores in San Francisco. If you choose to get them hemmed at a tailor near you, send the team a copy of your receipt and you will receive credit towards another purchase.

*Notable Mention: The team at TS was top notch, and the exchange functionality second to none. Returns were seamless with the website allowing you to immediately exchange for a different type/size and have it processed for shipping before you even return your initial purchase. Back to the review of the democratic chinos.

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